Stephen Parrish (1846-1938)



Stephen Parrish

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Stephen Parrish (1846-1938)

Stephen Parrish (1846-1938)

Stephen Parrish is best known today for being the father of painter and illustrator Maxfield Parrish; however, he was an accomplished printmaker and painter in his own right. Until 1877 he ran a stationary store in Philadelphia. He studied etching with Peter Moran, and was one of the first Americans to exhibit his work in the newly-organized Royal Society of Painters and Etchers in 1881. His etchings were published in Century Illustrated Magazine and he was a member of the Philadelphia Society of Etchers, the Philadelphia Sketch Club, and the New York Etching Club.

In 1891 he summered in Cornish, New Hampshire. Two years later he built a home there, called Northcote, and settled in year round. Parrish turned more and more to painting in his later years. He died at his home in Cornish in 1938.

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