Mary Brewster Hazelton (1868-1953)

Mary Brewster Hazelton (1868-1953)

Life-long resident of Wellesley, Mary Brewster Hazelton lived in the family home with her sisters, Olivia Bowditch and Margaret Page. Their brother, Isaac Brewster Hazelton established himself as a successful commercial artist in New York. Hazelton entered the Museum School in 1888. After graduation in 1892 she taught at the school. 

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She was the first student to receive the Paige Traveling Scholarship, which enabled her to travel through Europe for two years. When she returned she established a studio at the Harcourt Building and lost everything when it burned in 1904. She was one of the first to move into Fenway Studios when it was completed in 1905.

Although largely forgotten today, Hazelton was a substantial presence in the Boston art world of the turn of the century. She fully embraced the teaching principles of Tarbell and Benson, and taught introductory and still life painting at the Museum School until 1906. She was well regarded for her portraits and figure paintings, and in 1912 she began an impressive and ambitious mural for the First Congregational Church of Wellesley Hills. 

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