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Over the years, Vose Galleries has produced countless catalogues that highlight works from our exhibitions and provide historical information about American artists. Most of our publications include original research from the Vose archives, a collection of Vose Galleries' records that dates back to our founding in 1841. We have an extensive collection of archival images — both of artwork we've handled, and of the artists themselves. Our comprehensive resource library includes Vose correspondence with artists from as early as the 1860s, many of whose work we continue to handle, and complete exhibition history and sales records. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and insight about the artists and their work. Our annual newsletter, Vose ArtNotes: A Guide for Collectors, has been a favorite among our clients for its teaching articles and scholarly approach. A checklist of available catalogues and prices is listed below.

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All catalogues are copyright of Vose Galleries.

George l

George Loftus Noyes and Charles H. Woodbury
Artists: George Loftus Noyes,
Charles H. Woodbury
July 1987
8 pages foldout; 10 color, 8 b&w plates

Walter 1992

Martha Walter
Artist: Martha Walter
Jul. 1992
8 page foldout; 6 color, 3 b&w plates

John Ferguson Weir (1841-1926) and the Weir Family Legacy
Artist: John Ferguson Weir

Essay by Betsy Fahlman

April 2013
33 pages; 20 color plates

Recollections: Drawings and Paintings by John Whalley
Artist: John Whalley

Essays by Marcia L. Vose and John O'Hern

Nov. 2011
30 pages; 32 color plates

Whalley 1

An Inner Light
Artist: John Whalley

Essays by Marcia L. Vose and Joshua Bodwell

Nov. 2008
16 pages; 34 color plates

Woodbury 1978

Charles H. Woodbury
Artist: Charles H. Woodbury
Sept. 1978
18 pages; 9 color, 3 b&w plates

Charles   marcia woodbury 1980

Charles H. Woodbury and Marcia O. Woodbury
Artists: Charles H. Woodbury,
Marcia O. Woodbury
May 1984
24 pages; 7 color, 50 b&w plates

Woodbury postcards from the atlantic

Postcards from the Atlantic
Artist: Charles H. Woodbury
15 pages; 22 color plates

Painting in Motion
Artist: Charles H. Woodbury

Essay by Nancy Allyn Jarzonmbek

Fall 2002
39 pages; 69 color, 12 b&w plates