Exhibition: Island Life

Exhibition Information

Beal 35739 web exhibition cover

Reynolds Beal (1867-1951) 
San Juan, Puerto Rico

On exhibition July 16, 2016 - August 20, 2016

Presenting a collection of over 40 works by various artists who traveled throughout the Atlantic, Caribbean, Adriatic, and Pacific Islands. 

Seeking inspiration for their work, the artists included in this exhibition traveled extensively in search of the dramatic geography, vibrant communities, and abundance of subject matter that island life provides. Whether exploring remote beaches or stationing their easels in the bustling wharves of major tourist destinations, artists such as Charles Hopkinson, Walter Farndon, Hermann Dudley Murphy and Jane Peterson carefully recorded their observances. Island Life features these preserved moments on many islands, including Monhegan, Bermuda, Venice, Hong Kong, Fiji, and Honolulu, and will be viewable online and in the gallery from July 16th through August 20th, 2016.

Reynolds Beal was one artist able to travel and paint full time throughout his lifetime, and a trip in 1921 brought him to Puerto Rico. He sketched the island’s harbors and villages, and was so inspired by the tropical palette and charming residents that he returned for several winters thereafter. A result of the 1921 trip, San Juan, Puerto Rico is a snapshot of a street vendor and his customers done near San Juan’s marina demonstrates the artist’s expressive brushwork and serves as a chronicle of bygone times.