Exhibition: Insights on Collecting

Exhibition Information

On exhibition May 21, 2016 - July 9, 2016

Vose Galleries is pleased to announce the exhibition, Insights on Collecting, which serves as the first of two major shows the gallery will be hosting in 2016 to commemorate 175 years in business. Each exhibition will focus on the art and passion of forming a collection. 

This first show, accompanied by a 48-page catalogue, features advice and vital information on the art world from the Vose family, who, since the founding of the gallery in 1841, has handled more than 36,000 American paintings. The exhibition serves to share the knowledge accrued from this extensive experience, with articles about pricing, condition, framing and hanging. Dedicated to all of the clients who played major roles in helping the gallery reach 175 years, the catalogue honors four who have graciously welcomed the gallery into their homes to discuss their collecting experiences. Their passion for collecting art is made evident in their interviews and photographs of their collections displayed in their homes.

“What Determines the Price of an Older American Painting,” written by Marcia L. Vose, seeks to answer one of the most critical and frequently asked questions the gallery receives. This section features forty-two paintings illustrating the factors that determine how paintings are priced.

Another subject addressed in Insights on Collecting is the art of framing. A well-designed frame serves to complement the painting it encloses, but oftentimes, it can be considered a work of art in itself. Tyler Prince, on the gallery staff, has a particular interest in frame design and has written in depth about the decisions behind the framing process. Ten paintings illustrate the multitude of variables that are necessary to consider when framing: scale, tone and style.

The final portion of the exhibition explores how to hang artwork to best advantage in the home. Elizabeth Vose Frey shares advice on how to find a focal point and how to group artwork by color and balance, among many other useful tips.

In combination with the two exhibitions held in 2016, the gallery is further illustrating its immense history and the exciting stories that have come from 175 years in the art world. Videos capturing these stories may be viewed on the gallery’s website, and the galleries current director, Carey L. Vose, speaks of her own experiences as the sixth generation to head the family firm.

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