Exhibition: Indefatigable Spirit: The American Work Ethic

Exhibition Information

Ennis 36779 exhibition cover

On exhibition January 12, 2019 - March 2, 2019

We are pleased to announce our newest online exhibition, Indefatigable Spirit: The American Work Ethic. We hope that this selection from our inventory will be motivating and reinvigorating for the New Year. Here, we have chosen to focus on the American worker, including subjects from fishermen managing the day’s haul, to farmers toiling in their fields, to carpenters and to shoe-shiners. Each painting illustrates the hard work and can-do attitude on which Americans have prided themselves on for generations, capturing moments of daily life from different eras in American history. The people, and the environments in which they labor, illustrate the march of progress and encapsulate the American will to succeed. We hope this year brings you success and luck in all of your ventures, and hope you find some small amount of inspiration in this collection of American works of art.