Exhibition: Contemporary: At Home & Afield

Exhibition Information

Babb 35932 exhibition cover

Joel Babb

Gulf Hagas, Maine

On exhibition August 6, 2016 - September 24, 2016

We are pleased to announce our exhibition Contemporary: At Home & Afield. Featuring over 50 paintings by the artists of Vose Contemporary, this exhibition explores the various subjects which fascinate each painter.

From the intimate charm of dog-eared pages and soft light on eggshells, to the cathedral grandeur of Maine’s interior woodlands; the passion of each artist is evident in every careful stroke. The individual styles of each artist are drawn together through the realist tradition, which has been the cornerstone of Vose Galleries for 175 years.

Featured paintings include Joel Babb’s Gulf Hagas Brook, Maine; Don Demers’Onrush, East Boothbay, Maine; June Grey’s Baxter Park: View from a Hike; Liz Haywood-Sullivan’s Sunset Triptych; Warren Prosperi’s By the Fallen Tree, Quabbin Reservoir, Massachusetts; and John Whalley’s Affinity.