Exhibition: All but the Artist Rest: An Exploration of Figurative Painting

Exhibition Information

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Featured painting: Bickford's Float, Smith Cove, Gloucester by Emile Albert Gruppé (1896-1978)  

On exhibition March 14, 2020 - April 25, 2020

Vose Galleries is excited to present the upcoming exhibition, All but the Artist Rest: An Exploration of Figurative Painting. Serving as a sister show to last year’s Indefatigable Spirit: The American Work Ethic, this exhibition highlights the dedication of the artist while getting a glimpse of their subjects unwinding.

All but the Artist Rest explores the diverse ways through which the American public spends their moments away from responsibility and obligation. By depicting the American public engaging in a moment of leisure, whether it be strolling Boston’s Tremont Street, burning daylight on Maine beaches, or in the comfort of their own homes, these works encapsulate such feelings of joy and pleasure that it is easy to forget the artist is hard at work creating this effect. We hope you too find relaxation and enjoyment perusing All but the Artist Rest.

Including artists such as Charles Hopkinson (1869-1962), Mabel May Woodward (1877-1945), Lilla Cabot Perry (1848-1933), Warren Prosperi (b.1949), and many more, this exhibit features over 25 paintings and works on paper.